Attendance Awareness Month

Did you know that nationally 7.5 million students miss 10 percent of the school year? Help us fight chronic absenteeism!

Although September is Attendance Awareness Month, it is important that we focus on confronting the issue year round. Students who are chronically absent are missing 10 percent or more of school days within a school year, whether it be excused or unexcused. Which means they are missing at least two days per month on average. Extrapolate that across an entire school year and a chronically absent student misses at least a month of school time and 110 hours of instructional time. We all have a responsibility to ensure that students are attending school regularly.

To join in on the social media campaign for the month of September, click here. Be sure to follow us on twitter @ChildrensAidNYC!

If you would like to know more on how you can help combat chronic absence, visit the Attendance Works website and/or contact the National Center for Community Schools.




#VoteKids Social Media Campaign

With Election Day rapidly approaching, it is important that we remind candidates to keep our children a priority.

Throughout the elections, we will be supporting the American Academy of Pediatrics and participating in the #VoteKids Campaign. We ask that you join us by using your social media channels to make your voice heard and demand that candidates put our children first. Visit the American Academy of Pediatrics Social Media Guide to participate in the campaign. Be sure to invite your friends and family to participate in the campaign!




Register to Vote!

Are you a registered voter? If you are not registered to vote, learn how to register!

Tuesday, September 27, is National Voter Registration Day, but we have until Friday, October 14, to register to vote in the general election on Tuesday, November 8. As you know, this year is a major election year as we will be voting for our next president. It is important that you exercise your right to vote and make your voice heard.

For this election, we have the pleasure of partnering with the Campaign Finance Board to help our parents and youth ages 18 and over at our various sites register to vote. Click here to register and spread the word!